Welcome to Isso’s documentation. This documentation will help you get started fast. If you get any problems when using Isso, you can find the answer in troubleshooting guide or you can ask me on IRC or GitHub.

Documentation overview:

What’s Isso?

Isso is a lightweight commenting server similar to Disqus. It allows anonymous comments, maintains identity and is simple to administrate. It uses JavaScript and cross-origin ressource sharing for easy integration into (static) websites.

No, I meant “Isso”

Isso is an informal, german abbreviation for “Ich schrei sonst!”, which can roughly be translated to “I’m yelling otherwise”. It usually ends the discussion without any further arguments.

In germany, Isso is also pokémon N° 360.

What’s wrong with Disqus?

No anonymous comments (IP address, email and name recorded), hosted in the USA, third-party. Just like IntenseDebate, livefrye etc. When you embed Disqus, they can do anything with your readers (and probably mine Bitcoins, see the loading times).

Isso is not the first open-source commenting server:

  • talkatv, written in Python. Unfortunately, talkatv’s (read “talkative”) development stalled. Neither anonymous nor threaded comments.
  • Juvia, written in Ruby (on Rails). No threaded comments, nice administration webinterface, but… yeah… Ruby.
  • Tildehash.com, written in PHP (compare to Python). Did I forgot something?
  • Unobtrusive, self-hosted comments, discussion on StackOverflow.