Write some code.

I appreciate any help and love pull requests. Here are some things you need to respect:

  • no hard-wired external services (e.g. Gravatar, Akismet)
  • no support for ancient browsers (e.g. IE6-9)

If you create a feature request, start a new branch. If you fix an issue, start off the master branch and pull request against the master. I’ll cherry-pick/backport the fix onto the current legacy (maintenance) release.

Report issues

  • Disqus import fails – if isso import /path/to/disqus.xml fails, please do NOT attach the raw dump file to GH:Issues. Please anonymize all IP addresses inside the <ipAddress> tag first, as second step, replace all <email> addresses with a generic one.
  • embed.min.js-related issues – if you get a cryptic JavaScript error in the console, embed instead of embed.min.js and create an issue with ±10 lines of code around the error.
  • Isso-related issues – Copy and paste traceback into a ticket and provide some details of your usage.


Isso supports multiple languages and it is fairly easy to add new translations. You can either use the english translation file or use Transifex. Contact me on IRC (@posativ) if you want to be the main contributor for a language.

You may notice some “weird” newlines in translations – that’s the separator for pluralforms in the templating engine.

Where I need help.

Isso is my first projects which involves JavaScript. If you are more experienced in JS, please take a look at the code (that does not mean, the Python code is perfect ;-). A few feature requests and issues, where I definitely need help:

  • Admin Web Interface – administration via email is cumbersome with a high amount of comments. A administration web interface should include the ability to:
    • delete or activate comments matching a filter (e.g. name, email, ip address)
    • close threads and remove threads completely