The default theme is very minimalistic and may don’t fit to everyone’s expectations. But like every blog compiler, you can edit the complete layout to your likings.

Unlike others Acrylamid knows when you edited a template file, hence when you do a session on templates and just the your changes without any interaction, launch Acrylamid in auto-compile mode (acrylamid autocompile) and even when you have hundrets of postings you will see your result almost immediately appear.


Internally all configuration variables are written in small caps, therefore this listing differs from Configuration.


Global configuration, Configuration.


Environment which contains some useful informations like version info, current protocol and count of entries.

protocol:Internet protocol determined from sitename, should be http or https.
netloc:Domain name like domain.example.tld, derieved from sitename
path:Path (sub-uri) from sitename, used for relative links.
views:A list of executed views, only used to explicitely activate certain features like Disqus-integration or tagging in templates.
type:Current view type to distuingish between single entry, tag or page view. Can be one of this list: [‘entry’, ‘tag’, ‘index’].
entrylist:A list of all posts to be rendered in a template.
 All entries.
globals.pages:All pages.
 All translations, if the translation view is active.
globals.drafts:All drafts, if the draft view is active.
num_entries:Count of all entries, only available in page/articles/index-view.
prev:Number of the previous pagination index if available, e.g. '3' or None.
curr:Number of the current pagination index, e.g. 2.
next:Number of the next pagination index if available, e.g. 1 or None
route:The (expanded) path of the view, e.g. articles, /2012/my-example (for /:year/:slug/) or /tag/acrylamid/ (for /tag/:name).
version:Acrylamid’s version.


type:either "entry" or "page"
permalink:actual permanent link
date:entry’s datetime.datetime object
year:entry’s year (Integer)
month:zero padded month number of the entry, e.g. “05” for May and “11” for November (String)
zmonth:entry’s month (Integer)
day:zero padded day number of the entry, e.g. “04”, “17” (String)
iday:entry’s day (Integer)
filters:a per-post applied filters as list
tags:per-post list of applied tags
title:entry’s title
author:entry’s author as set in entry or from conf.py if unset
lang:entry’s language, derieved from conf.py if unset
content:returns rendered content
description:first 50 characters from the source
slug:safe entry title
draft:if set to True, the entry will not appear in articles, index, feed and tag view
extension:filename’s extension

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