Since Acrylamid ≥ 0.4 it is possible to include site specific files (also known as assets) in your blog. Acrylamid can either copy or compile files from a number of directories.

To include assets, just add a bunch of directories to your Configuration:

STATIC = ['assets', 'static']

In addition all files from your theme are assets, too (except for HTML and XML templates by default). The next examples shows you how to compile static pages using the Jinja2 markup language:

STATIC_FILTER += ['Jinja2']

Now with an HTML file in static/projects.html you can inherit from all templates inside the THEME directory using Jinja2.

Available Writers

SASS : .sass -> .css
compiles SASS to CSS (requires sass to be in your PATH)
SCSS : .scss -> .css
compiles SCSS to CSS (requires sass to be in your PATH)
LESS : .less -> .css
compiles LESS to CSS (requires lessc to be in your PATH)
CoffeeScript : .coffee -> .js
compiles CoffeeScript to JavaScript (requires coffee to be in your PATH)
IcedCoffeeScript : .iced -> .js
compiles IcedCoffeeScript to JavaScript (requires iced to be in your PATH)
Jinja2 : .html -> .html
renders Jinja2 templates
HTML : .html -> .html
Copy HTML files to output if not in theme directory.
XML : .xml -> .xml
Same as the HTML writer.

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