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Thanks to

  • sebix <szebi@gmx.at> who forced me to make docs and work with linux’ locale and also supplied the textile and metalogo filter.
  • moschlar who implemented Mako templating
  • 0x1cedd1ce for his code to ping to Twitter


Acrylamid is a mixture of mainly three projects: PyBlosxom, nanoc and several complete rewrites (including data loss near the end) of Acrylamid (formerly known as lilith) itself.

From PyBlosxom I’ve stolen the awesome flat filesystem idea and the concept of chaining callbacks to produce a default blog and/or extend it to your needs, when you need it. Nanoc is quite difficult for me, since I am not familiar with the ruby language, but is has two cool aspects: YAML configuration files and filters. And from my own project, I got boring markup rendering, several HTML/XML preprocessors and the basic concept of how to develop a web 2.0 blog system.

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